Long-Distance/ Military Relationships: Always Make Time.


For most people, going on a date involves getting dressed up, going to a nice restaurant or to see a movie. For me (and many other women like me), however, things are a little different.

Mikey and I met through my best friend about a year ago. He is now a marine, 2,200 miles away from me. Being in a military relationship is exceptionally difficult. Between time differences, busy schedules, and last minute changes, it’s hard to actually spend time together. At the beginning of the week, Mikey and I decided that we were going to go on a date Saturday night. As Friday came and went, I found myself growing nervous and excited. It had been so long since he last took me out on a date. Saturday evening, after I put the kids to bed, I started to get ready. I carefully put my makeup on, paying attention to every detail. I slowly straightened my hair, making sure every piece was perfect. I picked a nice shirt and made sure my phone was charged. I walked out to the back porch with a candle and moved my chair around for 10 minutes using my camera to make sure the lighting was perfect. Then I propped my phone up, lit my candle and waited for the call. At 10 pm/ 7 pm (my time/ his time) I had the most amazing, candle-lit, romantic date I have ever been on. We laughed, learned new things about each other and discussed future plans. This is so important, and if you haven’t tried it, I absolutely recommend it!


Make time

I can not stress this enough. When you get comfortable in a long-distance relationship, video calls consist of no makeup and baggy t-shirts. It is so incredibly easy to get wrapped up in your day to day lives and forget to make time for each other. Make time to sit and talk. Make time to put on a little extra makeup and look cute for him. Make time to remind him/her how much you love them. It’s so easy to get caught up in missing him/her, you forget that you don’t have to miss out on everything. You don’t have to miss out on dating just because you don’t get a goodnight kiss at the end. Don’t forget to talk about your day just because he/she isn’t sitting beside you in the car after work. Don’t forget to be romantic just because you’re comfortable. Be spontaneous. Send him a cute picture every once in a while. Always let them know when you’re thinking about them. Make. Time.

Always remember, It’s only as difficult as you make it!


Author: smudgesonmymirror

A dynamic mother/daughter duo that has overcome obstacles and chosen to embrace our experiences rather than to change our view of ourselves. Lovingly labeled by Gigi or Mommy, the tone and messages in each post will reflect generational viewpoints and family continuances.

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