Potty Training Times Three

Today, my mother and I decided that it was the time that we embark on a journey towards freedom (from changing diapers). Due to many reasons, our family does not utilize day care outside of family members which places my mother and me with my four grandchildren for much of the day. While this is a blessing, it is also A LOT of WORK!!! You see, these little darlings range from the age of 3 to the age of 17 months and there are four of them! It is like a toddler fest all day every day mixed in with cuppies and diaper changes and non stop cries for “num num!”

Clarabelle (age 2 almost 3) is potty trained which has resulted in a great deal of savings on the diaper runs. We have worked with the other 3 independently but on super crazy days we fall back into the daycare mentality of changing all the diapers at once and running around on “cuppy patrol.”

So, we have decided to do an all out potty training attempt. All three. Gloria (age 3) has Down’s Syndrome which makes potty training a bit difficult but, as her school is working with her now and she follows her cousin, Clarabelle, to the bathroom, we believe that she is ready for this. Elliott, (age 20 months) and Braxton (age 17 months) have both began taking their diapers off and, when we are not fast enough, adding to the daily cleaning list. (Yes, this has happened). So we believe that they are ready to begin, as well. The issue, of course, is getting them to tell us when they are ready to go. Not only is this difficult with one child, when there are three we anticipate that (A) they will be too busy and (B) we will be making a lot of runs to the bathroom.  But, with three, the savings will be amazing!!! In fact, I believe that if we conquer this over the next two weeks, then their parents should send us away on a nice weekend getaway (HINT HINT)!!!!

So, we know our challenges and can envision the rewards…here we go!

Wish us luck!


Author: smudgesonmymirror

A dynamic mother/daughter duo that has overcome obstacles and chosen to embrace our experiences rather than to change our view of ourselves. Lovingly labeled by Gigi or Mommy, the tone and messages in each post will reflect generational viewpoints and family continuances.

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