Daily Prompt: Superficial

Oh, the places I could go with this one! The people that I could discuss! The experiences that I have had! But instead, I will take the high road here and not elaborate on the superficial people who are so caught up in what others think of them that they are unable to see the harm in their own actions and discuss the beauty of words.

As I explained in an earlier post, I am a literature nerd. Words are absolutely amazing. Words do not need any praise but rather sit there waiting for someone to see their beauty. I remember in college, I was writing my Capstone project on Mary Shelley’s  Frankenstein. I wanted to convey a deeper analysis of the fiction than that of a simple God complex (that had been done a million times). That was the surface analysis. Eventually, my paper portrayed Frankenstein and his monster as the same person through the potential of a psychological diagnosis. Regardless, the point that I am getting at is that I wanted more than the surface. I wanted more than the basic understanding. I wanted a word that could define what I wanted to say. I came across the word “perfunctory” and I was elated! Perfunctory: An action carried out with minimal effort. I did not want to give a perfunctory analysis. I did not want to only see what could be seen without effort. I wanted to dig and work for my understanding of this literature.

The same is true of how I want to see people. Like was said by another blogger, I do not want to see an airbrushed photo, I want to see a person. More so, as I read on the daily prompt, I do not want the image of someone caring, I want someone to actually care.

Life is short and it is hard. But taking the easy way out does not mean that you are living. Do the work. Do not live in a perfunctory manner. Do not live superficially. And, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT sell yourself so short that you do not expect others to work to know you.

You are worth the work!


Author: smudgesonmymirror

A dynamic mother/daughter duo that has overcome obstacles and chosen to embrace our experiences rather than to change our view of ourselves. Lovingly labeled by Gigi or Mommy, the tone and messages in each post will reflect generational viewpoints and family continuances.

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