Piggy Bank Food

On occasion, our blog post will have links to affiliate organizations which will allow you to purchase items, services, or programs that have been discussed or reviewed. We believe that full disclosure of this type of marketing is the best approach for building a relationship with you all. The links provided allow you to shop at your own leisure with no additional fees (and often at discounted rates) while still providing us with a small kickback for the referral. To prevent you from having to sift through the blog posts to find a certain link that you may have come across at a previous time, we have put together this page that will have a link to all of the affiliates mentioned at any point. Should specific discounts or coupon codes be made available, we will update this page so be sure to check back often. Again, shopping through these links will take you directly to the websites to allow for secure shopping and will not cost you anything extra. It will, however, allow us to have a bit more money for the piggy banks 🙂

Thank you,

Gigi, Mommy, and the Gang


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