Eating on the Road: Why the Van is a No Crumb Zone — Where to Next

We have all returned after a long road trip and thought to ourselves that cleaning out the vehicle can wait until tomorrow…or the next day…or the next trip! 791 more words

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Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park — Where to Next

One of the reasons that we relocated to north central Florida nearly two years ago is that it not only offers easy access to the beaches but it also maintains a sense of our West Virginia roots with lakes, rivers, and wildlife. 441 more words

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Here we grow again!!

Because we know life is hard and messy at times, we are able to celebrate the pure miracle of joy! Because in all of the chaos we hold family close, we continue to be blessed with more to hold! Because love works across time and distance, we get to be a little bit closer! Because there is still room for more fingerprints on our mirror, here we grow again 🙂

Getting ready for my squishes,


Would you eradicate me?

gloria today

Perhaps because I am a member of several Facebook groups involving grandparents of children with Down Syndrome, everyday one of the videos of a person with D.S. who is literally pleading with our nation to accept them, appears on my timeline. You have seen them. These men and women are begging the audience to realize that their parents did not make a mistake by choosing to give them life!!!! Can you say the same? Can you say that you have given this life everything that it deserves and that your parents were right in giving you the opportunity to live it?

Okay, so that was a much harsher statement than was intended, but, seriously!!!! Why do you not have to justify your right to life but this beautiful little girl needs spokespersons to defend her presence on this earth? How are we, as a society, calling ourselves advanced when we cannot answer the very basic questions about compassion, equality, and the right to life?

Do you believe in a higher power? In God? In nature? or even in science? Perhaps you believe in evolution or natural selection. Regardless, and for whatever reason, Gloria Ann is here and she is beautiful. Please, stop believing that we, as mere mortals, know more that whatever is driving this beautiful life that we call the human condition.

This should not be a debate. This should be a celebration!