Tonight, I pray: Please pray with me!

Okay, I know on #48 I stated that we do not attend church. I am not changing that statement but please know that this does not mean that we do not pray. In fact, I was raised in a Pentecostal church and know that when 2 or more come in accord our prayers are heard. With 592 followers, I only ask that one of you that follow our blog say this prayer with me.

Dear heavenly father, tomorrow is a test of our faith. We must have faith in a system that once failed not only us but all members of this family. We ask for a peaceful transition. We ask for the love for the children to supersede the feelings of anger and entitlement. We ask for God to be there so that all parties recognize the that He, not man, paves the way to peace. We pray that our family will be safe and that everyone will turn to His guidance in approaching this day. In Jesus’s name, we pray…Amen and Amen

I cannot provide more details than this but I hope, that on faith, you will speak these words with us tonight.

From my grandchildren and I, thank you for joining us on our journey and our prayer!




What Moms of Kids With Invisible Disabilities Want You to Know — Parent Co.

While some disabilities demand recognition via a wheelchair, hearing aid, or portable oxygen tank, others are more subtle, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Known as invisible disabilities, these affect 96 percent of people who have a chronic medical condition according to one estimate. Caring for a child with any disability presents extra…

via What Moms of Kids With Invisible Disabilities Want You to Know — Parent Co.

Thank God for the Fluff!

When thinking about how I have been TOO busy, I realized that the things keeping me so busy are MY LIFE! These moments that we rush through, the fluff of life, are the whole of life. There is a beginning and an end (the seams of life) but the middle, the fluff, that’s what counts. 

I have been busy! Hell, my days are always busy but lately, I have actually had to do some real work (if that’s what they call working from home) and get the house ready for the holidays. So, a busy life has been so busy that I have had no time to blog about all of the things that keep me so busy!

Ahh, but now the house is quiet and I have finished my work for the day. Turns out my brain is tired. Imagine that! So, missing my blog, I turned to the daily prompt to get my head in the game again. FLUFF! Where does that even fit into a blog about life? I mean, one blogger posted a beautiful picture of fluffy ducks by the water. I could dive into the discussion about how many times I have found my peace sitting by the water and feeling as free as this flock. Another posted the fluff of a dandelion and provided a poem about life’s changes. I cannot count the number of times I have watched my grandchildren laugh as they blew those white “fairies” across the yard! Beautiful approaches such as these filled the page.

One, in particular, really triggered what I have been feeling. The author simply said to enjoy the fluff. What a concept!

When thinking about how I have been TOO busy, I realized that the things keeping me so busy are MY LIFE! These moments that we rush through, the fluff of life, are the whole of life. There is a beginning and an end (the seams of life) but the middle, the fluff, that’s what counts.

I’d rather be fluffing!


Books and Family: Does it get any better?

Look at these four! How blessed am I!?!? I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready and the four children were being very quiet. Scary, huh?! But they were not fighting. They were not destroying the house. They were not into any type of mischief. Nope, they were sitting together doing the one thing that their English major Gigi has prayed that they would love to do….Reading!

All four of them were huddled around a book and taking turns pointing to the pictures to give their own rendition of the story either through words or sounds. It was 101 Dalmations so there was a lot of barking followed by a few “oh no’s” from Elliott who has recently been explosive with his imagination and everything that looks a little scary is met with this expression.  (He brought me a toy spider this morning saying “oh no!” and then chased me with it. Remember, I HATE spiders!!!)

Anyway, the words and sounds were not nearly as important as was the fact that they were all together (something we once thought would never happen again) and they were enjoying a book together by taking turns and sharing. It is amazing what togetherness does for cousins. It helps them to grow, learn, and form true emotional bonds. It brings them comfort and joy in a way that no other relationships can. It strengthens their sense of self and forms their sense of citizenry.

Every day, I get to sneak a little peek into their world. Truly, how blessed am I?!


Kindness: It Really Does Matter

We have encountered a lot of people over the years of adding smudges! Some of these people have made the journey more enjoyable while others have taken the liberty of smearing every possible fingerprint possible. In the end, I can honestly say that I would rather see myself in the reflection of those smudges than to have to squint in their mirrors to try to see myself as “perfect” as they.

There are many reasons to be angry and, perhaps even to be cruel. But that is not the type of image I want to see in my mirror. You see, it is I, no one else, who has to like what I see and I cannot imagine having to look at a woman staring back at me who is unkind or full of hate. I have seen that reflection in the past. I have spoken ill and failed to be genuinely kind. But I have learned from those moments. I have grown and I have allowed myself to remember how that looked on me.

There are moments when being gracious or kind just seems impossible. There are situations that I encounter that make me want to say things just to make others feel as small as they have tried to make me feel. But I remember two things. The first is that I do not want to see the anger in myself and the second, but most important, is that my grandchildren are watching me. They are learning how to cope with the world. They are learning how to treat others. They look to me for assurance when they are scared, comfort when they are sad, and stability when the world is trying to shake their normalcy. I will be the foundation for them that they can be proud of and I will continue to look in my mirror with pride as I know that kindness will be reflected.

What do you see in the mirror? What will your grandchildren see? Make it kindness!


Wake Up! Government Reassignment of Children is real!

We wander through this life with the perceptions of a reality that is composed of our own problems, our own challenges, and our own celebrations. We believe what it is that we need to believe to support our decisions and prevent us from taking on the issues of others unless these issues somehow coincide with our own. This is not a mean statement nor one that is accusatory but it is the truth. Have you ever tried to disprove a situation that brought you joy or peace? Of course not! If your belief allows you to sleep at night, then you will work hard to maintain that belief and push aside any evidence that could contradict your belief.

But what if your belief is wrong? What if, by holding so closely to your belief, you actually are bringing other people harm and putting yourself at risk of the same harm? It is a surreal existence. It is a life-altering realization. It is the truth. The things that you believe that you deserve, that you are entitled to, that you should support, may actually be debilitating to others. Then, one day, you will look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back at you.

Society does not need to be pinched to make sure that it is awake. Instead, it needs to be woken up! You believe that you are saving children but you are destroying families. You think that you are better or chosen by God, but God placed these children into their mother’s womb. You think that the world is working in the best interest of the children but it is money, always money, that drives the government’s involvement in the lives of the private citizens.

Children are being hurt. I have seen it first hand. I continue to see the fear and the pain. I know that there is nothing that I can do to undo the year that my grandchildren were held in the state’s captivity but I can assure you that I will do everything in my power to protect them and all children moving forward.

There is a way to go about protecting children without stealing them. There is a way to be a part of the next generation without hindering their lives or mocking the decisions that God made long before governments were formed or systems were in place. This is not a dream, people. This is not a game. I am angry and you, if you choose to wake up from your delusions, should be angry too.

Read the reports. Listen to the mothers who are afraid to give birth because the vultures will be standing outside the delivery room. Know that not every mother on earth is neglectful and abusive but that every mother on earth is at risk for having their children ripped from their arms because someone else wants to have a child or feels entitled to that which is not their own.

The government continues to remove children and reassign them to people that support their agenda. Maybe the foster parents or adoptive parents support the same political party or attend the same religious functions. Perhaps they will raise the children in the mindset of the chosen race or affiliation. Wait…the government would do that?

YES!!!!! Wake up, people! This is happening! This is not a dream! This is the reality!

Please, look around. Shouldn’t fit parents be allowed to raise their children? Shouldn’t expectant mothers be excited about their child rather than looking for alternative birthing options to prevent their newborn from being kidnapped? Shouldn’t we all be protecting children and families?

The evidence is there, do not dismiss it to protect your own reality.


If this were your last morning…

We do not like to think of our own mortality. I mean, if we spent too much time thinking about death, would we really be living? Of course not. We would miss out on so many unexpected joys if we only prepared for the end. But do you ever think about what we may be missing out on by not considering the limitations of our existence?

Now, granted, this is not my typical chipper good morning post, but there is a point. Right now, you are waking up for the day. You may be sipping a cup of coffee on your front porch (oh how I hope that is true) or rushing through to grab a quick bite on your way out the door. Either way, you have taken a few moments to read my words and I thank you for that. My question is, what are you going to do with the rest of today’s moments? How do these plans differ from how you would spend the day if it were your last?

Somewhere on your list today, will you be calling your mother or sibling? Connecting with an old friend? Spending a few moments in prayer? Have you scheduled a time to look up at the clouds and be amazed at the miracles around you? Do you plan to give to the less fortunate today? Will you learn something or try something new? Perhaps you are already planning to forgive or ask someone for forgiveness.

No? These things do not always fit into our day. We are so busy living that we forget that one day, we will not have the chance to do these things. I know that it is not possible every day, but today, take a moment and do something that you would do if this were your last day on earth.

Cherish today, and every day, as if it were your last!