If this were your last morning…

We do not like to think of our own mortality. I mean, if we spent too much time thinking about death, would we really be living? Of course not. We would miss out on so many unexpected joys if we only prepared for the end. But do you ever think about what we may be missing out on by not considering the limitations of our existence?

Now, granted, this is not my typical chipper good morning post, but there is a point. Right now, you are waking up for the day. You may be sipping a cup of coffee on your front porch (oh how I hope that is true) or rushing through to grab a quick bite on your way out the door. Either way, you have taken a few moments to read my words and I thank you for that. My question is, what are you going to do with the rest of today’s moments? How do these plans differ from how you would spend the day if it were your last?

Somewhere on your list today, will you be calling your mother or sibling? Connecting with an old friend? Spending a few moments in prayer? Have you scheduled a time to look up at the clouds and be amazed at the miracles around you? Do you plan to give to the less fortunate today? Will you learn something or try something new? Perhaps you are already planning to forgive or ask someone for forgiveness.

No? These things do not always fit into our day. We are so busy living that we forget that one day, we will not have the chance to do these things. I know that it is not possible every day, but today, take a moment and do something that you would do if this were your last day on earth.

Cherish today, and every day, as if it were your last!


Good Night to those who Work while we Sleep!

Yesterday, I woke you up with a good morning post! Well, I then spent the day feeling a little awkward about the presumptuous way this post came out in the early morning. I was raised better (or at least different) than that. You see, while I stand by the statement that we should wish everyone that we contact a good morning simply to start their day with a bit of unexpected cheer, we cannot forget those who are in the same line for coffee but they are simply trying to wake up enough to make the drive home after a late night shift.

I am a coal miner’s daughter. I remember tiptoeing on days that we didn’t go to school because the mornings were his night time. This is when he got to sleep. Although he tried to sleep while we were at school so that he would be awake a bit when we were home, there were days that we were home and sleep was simply impossible. Then there were the times of swing shifts when my brother and I would peek out the window to look for his truck so we would know if we needed to be quiet or if we could run through the house driving our mother insane.

When I hit middle school and the phone calls started coming in (yes, the old house phones) my friends were frequently at the wrong end of the line when the ringing woke him up. Let’s face it, he was tired. He, along with all of these other hard-working men and women,  crawled all night through conditions that even I cannot imagine just to make sure we could turn on the lights in the morning or stay warm at night. I remember the black tape wrapped around the wounds on his hands because the dampness would not allow a regular bandage to stick. I remember the fear everytime the news would share another story of an “incident” at one of the local mines. I remember my father’s accidents or at least the ones that he had no choice but to tell about.

He is retired now and I am so thankful for this but he tells me that his sleep schedule is still messed up from the years underground during the night. I can only imagine that, as we are all waking up, he is finally able to rest. So, good night, Dad!

I think of Gloria and Braxton’s mother who stands guard at the prison as the inmates are restless through the night. While we are all sleeping, she must be at her most alert. During the day, she “naps” between handling all of her duties as a mother. My mother and I fill in where we can so that she has enough rest to be safe when she hits that time clock the next night. So to you, Chelsea, good night!

The attendants who check us in when we arrive late at the hotels. The gas station clerks who are thankfully open when we realize that we did not fill up before we headed out. The stockers and the servers who make certain that everything that we need in the morning is there for us.  To the insomniacs who simply could not shut their eyes throughout the night. The new mothers who have infants who do not sleep.

To all of you, good night!