Just Happy to Be! (The grandbaby without a “category”)

So, I was sifting through all of our blog posts, categories, and tags, and realized how rarely I discuss my youngest grandbaby, Braxton. (Isn’t he adorable BTW?)!!! Now, I have mentioned him in a few stories which mostly include the trouble that he gets into with his cousin, but I do not think he gets his fair shake on here. Of course, there is a reason behind this. You see, Clarabelle and Elliott suffered through foster care with Elliott having suffered through physical abuse by his father (conviction pending). So the two of them take up the CPS category. Clarabelle is far more vocal than any of the children and serves as an excellent muse for my toddler talks under the category out of the mouths of babes. Gloria Ann has Downs Syndrome and so she also gets her own category where I brag about her achievements and milestones. However, Braxton generally just falls into the family stories as one of the four.

Hmmm…. why is that? I mean, he definitely does not just “fall into place” through the day. He is rambunctious, needy, clingy, funny, and wide open. He does not just want attention, he demands it and takes it when necessary. He loves to eat (usually everybody’s food unless they hurry) and, at this very moment, is working desperately to wake up the other children from naptime (BRB)! But there is no wild story to tell. Chelsea, his mother, had a pretty easy pregnancy with him. Labor and delivery went as smooth as possible. He doesn’t really get sick. He sleeps through the night. He plays on his own and is beginning to get more and more vocal. He knows a few signs (more, eat, please), holds hands in parking lots or to cross the street, and is overall a well behaved and happy boy.

I guess I am just trying to say that there is something beautiful about watching him as such a carefree child. He is exactly the way that he is supposed to be without worry and without some big story that necessitates a separate category. He is Braxton Scott and he is a breath of fresh air in a complicated world!

It is okay to celebrate normalcy. Hell, that is a category on its own!



Daily Prompt: Irrelevant

When they entered our lives, they aimed to make us irrelevant.

They worked with the devil and provided him with fuel

Without regard for the tiny souls who were being lost in the ash.

They stood in the path that led from this hell

To salvation with every burning ember as their shield.

But in the name of love and family,

We marched through every demon they could throw.

With heads held high and truth on our side,

We blew the wind to shift the smoke

So that they could not see us pass.

We brought our own burning embers

But these were not fueled with hateful hearts and begrudged intentions

But rather ignited with the torches from generations of angels.

We persevered and found paradise. We would not be irrelevant!

We would not be irrelevant!


And now,

Now that the smoke has cleared

And the path is now narrow,

They aim to reach this paradise

On the rounds of our shoulders, on the sweat of our brow,

On the very strings of the hearts that they worked to unravel?!?!

I say to them

You ARE irrelevant!


Sometimes, you just gotta rant!